Connecting Math to Life Beyond the Classroom

Presentation Date: 9/28/2016 at 3:00pm

The study of math is often relegated to secondary status in academic circles as a prerequisite for a “more interesting” science class or as an “annoying” graduation requirement often due to a perceived lack of relevance in the “real world”. The study of math, however, can and should relate more directly to daily life beyond the classroom; this webinar, we will discuss a variety of practical applications designed to connect math to your students’ world beyond the classroom. Instructors will learn several simple techniques for creating a deeper understanding of mathematics and its applications in the real world. Via these techniques, students will gain a greater depth of mathematical knowledge which will lead to not only improved calculation skills but improved critical thinking skills as well. Furthermore, by embracing this practical approach to math and expanding on the examples given in this webinar teachers can provide students with a greater appreciation for the prevalence of math in the “real world”.

Presentation Documents:
Presentation (PDF)
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