Math GED® Content and Strategies Training Resources (2014-15)


Math GED® Content and Strategies Training 1
Math GED® Content and Strategies Training 2


    2014-2015 Curriculum Frameworks GED® Mathematical Reasoning
    All Content Area GED® Content Comparison
    Exploring the Mathematical Reasoning Module of 2014 GED® Test
    Frayer Model
    Frayer Model Diagram
    GED® Assessment Guide For Educators
    Math GED® Content Comparison
    My Personal Mathematics Dictionary
    Performance Level 1 Descriptors
    Performance Level 2 Descriptors
    Performance Level 3 Descriptors
    Skills Test Takers Are Missing
    Webb Depth of Knowledge

Content Group 1: Area, Perimeter and Circumference

    Area by Partitioning Problem
    Composite Shapes
    Cross Section of Tubing Problem
    Exploring Patterns
    Geometric Net: Cylinder
    Kuta Software Circumference and Area of Circles
    Perimeter and Area Module (
    Perimeter and Area of Polygons Exercise
    What is Pi Activity

Content Group 2: Coordinate Plane, Slope and Graphs of Linear Functions

    Grid Board Side A
    Grid Board Side B
    Mix and Match
    Mix and Match Activity Sheet

Content Group 3: Ratios, Proportions and Percents

    Designing a Garden Activity Sheet
    Percents Activity: What’s the Use?
    Percents: Buying Concert Tickets
    Percents: Creating a Menu
    Percents: Going Shopping
    Percents: Interview Activity Sheet

Content Group 4: Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

    Silent Bingo and Card Sort Activity (

Content Group 5: Linear Models and Inequalities

    Inequality Key Words and Æ Symbols
    Kuta Software Variable and Verbal Expressions
    Translating Mathematical Expressions Worksheet: It’s All Just Math
    Translating Verbal Expressions or Equations Worksheet


    Classroom Management (
    Every Minute Counts (
    Illuminations: Math Bingo
    Math Counts Coaching Kit-Toolbox (
    Math Resources for TI-30XS Calculator
    Mathematics Formula Sheet
    Probability and Playing Cards (
    Probability Worksheet 3 Versions (
    Simple Probability Questions (
    Spinners Template (


    Mix and Match
    Mix and Match Activity Sheet
    Powers Bingo Cards 1x2
    Sorting Mat
    Spinners Template (
    T-Chart Template

TI30XS SmartView

    TI Cares Customer Support
    TI-SmartView TI-30X34MV Guide (English)