TABE 11/12 and CLAS-E Testing Updates and Remote Proctoring Best Practices

Presentation Date: 4/7/2021 at 3:00pm
Duration: 1 Hour

This session will provide best practices for remote testing with TABE 11/12 and TABE CLAS-E from programs within Florida and from Adult Ed programs outside the state. We will also review the remote testing options and discuss how they host, train and prepare students for successful results! A demonstrate of the new TABE Writing Test for ABE and CLAS-E Online test for ESL testing will be provided. We will discuss the use of TABE for Ability to Benefit and the current status of our federal application for approval. Additionally, we will review the Concordance Report of TABE 11/12 to available High School Equivalency tests.

Presentation Documents:
Presentation (PDF)