The What, How, and When of Low Literacy Adult ESOL Instruction

Presentation Date: 11/7/2018 at 3:00pm
Duration: 1 Hour

Do you have adult ESOL students who may have low level literacy skills in their native language? This webinar is for you! What are some of the key differences between teaching English to students who can read and write in their native language and those who cannot? How can you as a teacher help these students build on the skills they already have in navigating the sea of environmental print they encounter every day? Join us in exploring some of the most known-to-be-effective instructional resources and research-based teaching strategies that have been shown to work for these students. This webinar also provides you with a packet of materials and activities that are tried and true and easy to use.

Presentation Documents:
Presentation (PDF)
Handout - Adult English Language Learners (PDF)
Handout - Adult English Language Learners (PDF)
Handout - FDOE Adult ESOL Literacy Skills 2018-2019 (PDF)
Handout - Key Tips for Teaching Literacy ESOL Students (PDF)
Handout - L1-L2 in Adult ESOL Literacy Students (PDF)