Vocabulary: An Important Component of Reading for Meaning

Presentation Date: 3/22/2017 at 3:00pm
Duration: 1 Hour

As an important component of reading, vocabulary is crucial for getting meaning from text. Without knowledge of the key vocabulary in a text, a reader may struggle to understand the writer’s intended message. Students often come to our programs knowing commonly used words, but they need content area and all-purpose academic vocabulary. How do we select appropriate instructional practices for teaching vocabulary? What vocabulary words should we select? Where can we find lessons and activities to use?

Join us as they explore the wonderful world of words. This webinar will provide you with effective strategies for teaching vocabulary, as well as activities, lesson plans, games, word lists, and internet resources that you can use in your classroom. This webinar will be valuable for you to attend - regardless of the level of reader with whom you work.

Presentation Documents:
Presentation (PDF)
Handout: Vocabulary Workbook (PDF)
Handout: Academic Word List Tier 2 (PDF)