Instructional Games for the Classroom

Here you will find websites with helpful instructional games for the classroom.


Algebra Quizzes
            This site has quizzes for students who need help with Algebra/

Financial Literacy Games
            Do you know how to budget your money? These interactive and fun games will teach you all the skills necessary!

Online Interactice Math Games
            A portal site to other games on the Internet.


Grammar Blast
            Although created for grades 2-5, this webpage contains fun and interactive quizzes that students can use to reinforce learning grammar.

Your Words Computer Story
            Great site for language arts! You type in the words requested (nouns, adjectives, liquids, names, etc.) and the computer puts them together in a hilarious story! Create practice.


Games and Puzzles - SCIENCE


I know that! (Free Trial)
            Designed for K-12, but wonderful tool for ABE students looking to polish up on LanguageArts and others. From "punctuation Paintball" to deciphering word problems in "Math Stories," there's something there for everyone. Be careful, this site can be addicting!

Student-Created Games Using Quia
            These online learning games were created by students using the services of You will see that the students, like the rest of the country, are fascinated with the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" Game Show!

More Games and Puzzles from Jefferson Labs
            From the creators of Who Wants To Win a Million Dollars, science and math learners will think they've died and gone to game heaven!

            Quia offers the Web's most extensive collection of educational tools and templates. With Quia, you can create 16 types of educational games and activities, quizzes with eight different question types, surveys, Web pages, and much, much more! YOu can either search ones that have already been created or join ($49/yr) to create your own. Thousands of educators and schools in more than fifty countries worldwide subscribe to Quia.