Free lesson plans designed for Reading, Writing Language, Speaking and Listening, and Mathematics.


Comprehending Complex Informational Texts


Determining Meaning and Making Inferences through Text Connections


Figurative Language in Informational Text


Finding the Central Idea and Supporting Details


Informational Text It Reads Differently


Interpreting Photographs: A First Step in Understanding Texts


Questioning the Author


Understanding and Using Multiple Meaning Words


Understanding Literary Text: What’s in a Sonnet?


Understanding Nonfiction Text Structure



Peer Revising and Editing


U. S. Postage Stamps Commemorate Women


Using Evidence to Support Point of View or Opinions


Writing a Professional Resume


Writing with a Purpose



Clarify Meaning of Unknown Words


Combining Sentences


Finding Evidence that Supports an Opinion


Passive and Active Voice



Campaign Promises


Requesting a Raise



Can You Translate This for Me?


Cartography and Math


Is It the Same? Equivalent Fractions


It's a Bargain!


It’s All in the Game: Fractions


KNWS: A Problem Solving Strategy


Make That Shot!


Order By Size


Place Value


What's My Area? Geometry and Problem Solving


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