Free lesson plans designed for Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.


A Thematic Approach to High Impact Indicators, Target Assessments, and Content Standards

Analyzing Your Own Writing

[RI.4.2 RI/RL.7.1 ELA-Literacy.W.8.1 ELA-Literacy.L.8.1]

Creating a Constructed Response

Finding Errors in Real World Materials

Knowing What to Expect on the GED® RLA Test Extended Response

[RI.4.2 RI/RL.7.1]

Looking for Evidence

[CCSS RI.4.2 RI/RL.7.1]

Themes in Short Stories

Using Transition Words to Improve Your Writing



Algebra: Prealgebra

Algebra: Beginning Algebra

Determining Surface Area and Volume

Graphing Linear Inequalities

[A.3, A.3.b]

Pythagorean in the Real World

[Math Q.4, Math Q.4.e, Math Practice MP.1, Math Practice MP.2]

Ratios, Proportions, and Scale Factors in the Real World

[CCR.MA.ABE.8.3.1, CCR.MA.ABE.8.4.1, CCR.MA.ABE.8.4.1, Q.3.c]

Speeding Along


The Consumer Price Index

Using Nets for Finding Surface Area

[Assessment Targets Q.4.a, Q.4.b, Q.5.a, Q.5.b, Q.5.c]

Which Cell Phone Plan Should I Choose


Antibiotic Resistance


Forming a Conclusion

[SP.1.a, SP.2.c, SP.4.a]

Formulating a Hypothesis

List Group Label

Looking for Newton

[Science P.2, Science P.2.a, Science P.2.b, SP 1, SP.7]

Scientific Inquiry

Superbugs Are Here!

[Science L.1, Science L.1.d]


Double Entry Note Taking

Editorial Cartoons

Enduring Issues in Civics and Government


Primary Sources Looking for the Answer in the Constitution

Systems and Forms of Government

[SSP.2.b, CG1.a, CG1.b]

The Bill of Rights Is in the News

[Social Studies CG.2, Social Studies CG.2.h, Social Studies CG.r, Social Studies CG.4.a, SSP.1, SSP.1.a, SSP.2.a]

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