2016 FICAPS (Florida Integrated Career & Academic Preparation System) Institute



    Planning and Designing Florida Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System (Presentation)

Curriculum and Instruction

    C4 - Collectively Composing a Contextualized Curriculum (Presentation)
    FICAPS Standard Frameworks 2016
    Team Teaching:
        - Team Teaching (Presentation)
        - Combining Outcomes Lesson Plan
        - Activity
        - HVAC Text
        - Language Standards
        - Math Standards
        - Nursing Assistant Standards
        - Writing Standards


    The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Presentation)
    Working Towards a FICAPS Model
    E3 - Education, Employment and Economic Development
    The Importance of Partnership:
        - Partnership Panel Discussion Talking Points
        - Partnership Selection Checklist
        - Strengthening Partnership Diagram
        - Strengthening Partnership Prism Rubric

Student Support

    Strategies for Creating Effective Student Supports
    Ability to Benefit:
        - Ability to Benefit
        - Ability to Benefit (ATB) test handout
        - Dear Colleague handout

Professional Development

    Path to Integrated Education and Training in ESOL

Funding and Data

    Out of School Youth Grant Talking Points