2015 Florida Adult Education Career Pathways Institute



    2015 Florida AECP Institute Presentation

    2015 AECP Institute FLDOE R.Duckworth Presentation

Planning Resources

    Illinois Career Pathway Graphic
    Integrated Program Logic Model [blank]
    ICAPS Logic Model Examples:
        - Kishwaukee College
        - Rend Lake College
        - Southwestern Illinois College
    Logic Model Discussion Questions
    Integrated Program Planning Notes


    AO Braided Funding Work Plan
    AO Resource Guide to Engaging Employers
    ICAPS Required Elements
    AO Outcomes, Deliverables, and Non-Negotiables for Illinois

Career Development

    Soft Skills
    Performance Checklist for Professionalism and Communication
    Transition/Career Plan Template
    Career/Future Plan Template
    Technology Skills Checklist

Transitions Services

    Transitions Services Self-Assessment Toolkit

Team Teaching

    Team Teaching Menu of Resources
    Combining Outcomes Template
    Integrated Outcomes Examples:
        - Elgin CNC Support Course Syllabus Fall 2012
        - Elgin DEA Syllabus
        - Elgin HVAC Support Course Syllabus
        - Elgin Welding Support Course Syllabus
    Six Models of Team Teaching
    Team Teaching Tips from the Field

Transitions Academy - Scaling up

    Bridge/ICAPS Mentoring Program Guidelines – Mentors
    20 Minutes of Fame Guiding Questions

Resource Links

    Illinois Community College Board Accelerating Opportunity Resources
    Creating Pathways for Adult Learners – Illinois Adult Education Strategic Plan
    Southern Illinois Professional Development Center
    Transitions Newsletters
    NCTN Career Navigator Training
    NCTN Program Administrator Training
    NCTN Integrating Career Awareness Curriculum
    Jobs for the Future Accelerating Opportunity Field Guide Tools
    Jobs for the Future Coaching for College and Career: A SkillWorks Toolkit
    Illinois Transitions Academy Website
    Illinois Team Teaching Menu of Resources
    Illinois Accelerating Opportunity/ICAPS Videos
    Illinois ICAPS/Accelerating Opportunity Program Profiles
    Illinois Manufacturing Contextualized Curriculum
    Illinois Healthcare Contextualized Curriculum
    Illinois Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL) Contextualized Curriculum