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Active Learning in the Adult Classroom, Part 2
            (Presented on 12/6/2017)

Mathematics Reasoning Across Subject Areas: Summarizing and Analyzing Data
            (Presented on 11/15/2017)

Active Learning in the Adult Classroom, Part 1
            (Presented on 11/8/2017)

All About Accommodations
            (Presented on 11/1/2017)

Putting Manipulatives to Work
            (Presented on 10/4/2017)

Teaching with the Adult Learner in Mind
            (Presented on 9/20/2017)

The Science and Social Studies Challenge – Helping Students Build Knowledge about Enduring Issues
            (Presented on 9/6/2017)

Start Your School Year with Florida IPDAE
            (Presented on 8/30/2017)

From Words to Sentences and Beyond: Common Problems and Fixes
            (Presented on 5/17/2017)

Part 2: Instructional and Learning Strategies
            (Presented on 5/3/2017)

Integrating ABE Technology Standards in Daily Instruction
            (Presented on 4/26/2017)

Vocabulary: Integrating ABE Career and Education Standards in Daily Instruction
            (Presented on 3/29/2017)

Vocabulary: An Important Component of Reading for Meaning
            (Presented on 3/22/2017)

Part 1: What is LD and How Does it Affect My Learners?
            (Presented on 3/1/2017)

An Introduction to ABE: Getting Back to the Basics in Language Arts and Mathematics
            (Presented on 2/1/2017)

Integrating New Curriculum Frameworks into Existing Classroom Settings: Workforce Preparation and Digital Literacy
            (Presented on 1/11/2017)

Making Thinking Visible in the Math Classroom
            (Presented on 11/16/2016)

Interpreting Inferences from Textual Evidence
            (Presented on 11/09/2016)

GED® Calculator Prohibited Indicators Part 2
            (Presented on 11/02/2016)

GED® Calculator Prohibited Indicators Part 1
            (Presented on 10/26/2016)

Team Teaching within Adult Education
            (Presented on 10/12/2016)

GED® - Read Like a Historian
            (Presented on 10/5/2016)

Connecting Math to Life Beyond the Classroom
            (Presented on 9/28/2016)

Wonderful World of Twitter!
            (Presented on 9/21/2016)

Welcome Back
            (Presented on 9/14/2016)

Better Together-Local WIOA Partnerships at Work, that Work!
            (Presented on 6/1/2016)

Data Driven Instruction and Curriculum for ABE/GED®
            (Presented on 5/18/2016)

IPDAE Math Resources for Students and Teachers
            (Presented on 5/11/2016)

TABE: Now and for the Future
            (Presented on 4/13/2016)

The Changing Landscape of Adult Education
            (Presented on 4/6/2016)

Developing a Syllabus and Lesson Plans
            (Presented on 3/23/2016)

GED® Science - 5Es for Effective Instruction
            (Presented on 3/2/2016)

GED® Social Studies - Don't Forget About the Graphics
            (Presented on 2/24/2016)

The IPDAE E-Training Center
            (Presented on 2/17/2016)

GED Mathematical Reasoning High Impact Indicators
            (Presented on 11/18/2015)

Navigating Through the IPDAE Website
            (Presented on 10/21/2015)

GED® Language Arts Show Me the Evidence
            (Presented on 9/30/2015)

GED® Update Lessons Learned in 2014-2015
            (Presented on 9/23/2015)

From Scorable "0s" to 2s in Six Easy Steps
            (Presented on 5/13/2015)

Math DefragGED: Calculator Tips and Tricks
            (Presented on 5/6/2015)

Implementing CCRS ELA Standards - A Look inside the Classroom
            (Presented on 4/22/2015)

Math DefragGED: Problem Solving
            (Presented on 4/15/2015)

AHS Program Implementation – One District’s Approach to Offering a Standard High School Diploma Program
            (Presented on 4/8/2015)

Using TABE Results to Conduct Student Data Chats, Group Students, and Target Instruction
            (Presented on 4/1/2015)

Promoting Successful Transitions To Post-secondary Education and Employment Through Contextualized Instruction
            (Presented on 3/25/2015)

Scientific Minds Want to Know: Strategies for Addressing Most-Missed Areas in the GED® Science Test
            (Presented on 11/12/2014)

So What Do I Do Now? Helping Students Address Challenges in Social Studies
            (Presented on 11/5/2014)

Math DefragGED - Content and Strategies
            (Presented on 10/22/2014)

A First Look at the Most Missed Items on the 2014 GED® Test
            (Presented on 9/10/2014)

Part 2: Strategies for Teaching Argumentative Writing
            You Want Me to Do What? (Presented on 6/16/2014)

Part 1: Adding Points to Constructed Responses.
            You Want Me to Do What? (Presented on 5/20/2014)

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